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RouteMatch User Survey

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Agency Name

Lowcountry RTA

Agency Address

25 Benton Field Road

Agency City


Agency State


Agency ZipCode


Agency Contact Person

Paula Tilley

Agency Telephone Number


Agency Email Address

Do you have any licenses/seats for RouteMatch which are currently paid by the agreement that SCDOT holds with RouteMatch?


If so please list the username for each license/seat that you use which SCDOT is currently covering (one entry per line please):


Do you have any licenses/seats with RouteMatch that your agency pays for directly?


Please list the type of license/seat and whether it is a USER or VEHICLE license along with the name of the user (for example: User - John Smith or Vehicle - Mary Jones) ONE LINE PER ENTRY PLEASE

WE have 50 Vehicle Licenses and 5 users which are named
 lowcountry user1, 2, 3,4 and 5. 

What are you currently paying for the above-listed license/seat?

(Description AND Monthly Fee) ONE LINE PER ENTRY PLEASE

$2500 License Fees
$1008 Data Plan
$2395 Hosting
$1700 Tech support
All annual fees

Do all users have the same user rights and level of authority?

(Example if technical assistance is required who in your agency resolves the issue or contact RouteMatch to resolve the issue?)


Does the fee have different costs for hosting, maintenance, technical support, or any other type of service


Hosting Fee


Technical Fee


Maintenance Fee


Other Service Fee (description and amount)

1008 Data Fee

Have your purchased any other services and or equipment from RouteMatch?


1 - Item Description


1 - Item Cost


1 - Is this a recurring cost?


2 - Item Description

Onsite Training-Varied Cost as they came more than once

2 - Item Cost


2 - Is this a recurring cost?


3 - Item Description

Hardware and install 12 tablets

3 - Item Cost


3 - Is this a recurring cost?


4 - Item Description


4 - Item Cost


4 - Is this a recurring cost?


5 - Item Description


5 - Item Cost


5 - Is this a recurring cost?


6 - Item Description


6 - Item Cost


6 - Is this a recurring cost?


7 - Item Description


7 - Item Cost


7 - Is this a recurring cost?


8 - Item Description


8 - Is this a recurring cost?


8 - Item Cost


9 - Item Description


9 - Item Cost


9 - Is this a recurring cost?


10 - Item Description


10 - Item Cost


10 - Is this a recurring cost?


Please provide information on what software or system you utilize for scheduling and dispatch.


Please provide any additional comments or descriptions below if necessary

Very expense system to purchase and maintain.  Their sales people do not get back to you in a timely manner when you need help.  Very robust system with a lot of options but not user friendly and requires quite a lot of training. 
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