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Frequently Asked Questions

SCDOT does not require a closing. After purchaser’s payment is received, SCDOT sends the executed quitclaim deed to be recorded at the county courthouse. After recording, the original, recorded deed is forwarded to the purchaser. If the purchaser chooses to employ an attorney for a closing, SCDOT will provide a quitclaim deed. SCDOT does not sign closing documents other than the HUD statement. All costs associated with the transaction are the responsibility of the purchaser.
No, SCDOT does not pay the expenses to move houses.  It is the responsibility of the purchaser to contact house movers.  For your own protection, we do recommend that you get an estimate from the housing mover in writing for moving services.
No, this section does not sell vehicles.  You may contact the South Carolina Budget & Control Board Surplus Property office at (803)896-6880 or for surplus equipment and vehicles.
We require certified checks for payment in order to insure that funds are available.
Please allow approximately 3 months to fully process your request and receive all approvals to sell the parcel.
No, the appraisal is only for the use of SCDOT and is not available to the public.
SCDOT does not usually have a survey done of the property. The property is purchased according to the department’s highway plans and therefore is deeded out according to the highway plans.
Yes, you are welcome to come to the bid sale.  Your attendance is not required. Location, date, and time is provided in the bid package.
Bidders submit bids in a sealed envelope for a parcel before 11:00 AM on the designated date of the bid sale. The bids remain sealed until the opening of the bids, which is immediately after 11:00 AM and are opened before a minimum of three staff members of the Property Management section. Bids are not awarded until there has been a close review of the submittals, ensuring that all contracts are properly executed and the correct amounts are enclosed. The Property Management section makes a recommendation to the Director of Rights of Way to accept the highest bid or reject all of the bids if they are all deemed to be unacceptable. We must have the concurrence of the Director of Rights of Way before the bidders are notified of the results of the bid sale.
You will be able to know the amount of the bids and the bidders’ names if you attend the bid sale. The amounts of the bids may be released after the transaction has been completed, however, the names of the bidders will not be released.  The quitclaim deed for property that is sold by bid sale will be recorded in the county Register of Deeds office and will be available to the public at the Register of Deeds office.
The value of a parcel is determined by either an appraisal, sales of comparable parcels in the area, and/or tax assessment values.
We do have a mailing list. Please contact our office at 1-800-214-4495 to be added to the list. You may also choose to be notified when new listings are posted on our website.