September 22
SCDOT Weekly Update - 6

The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) has begun publishing a weekly update for the media and the public concerning the agency’s financial situation and other important matters. This is an effort to clarify information that has been circulating in public venues that may have been distorted or confusing.



  • SCDOT’s cash balance position as of September 22, 2011 is as follows:


1)      The beginning balance on September 22, 2011 stood at $18.8 Million.


2)      Payouts to contractors for this week total $16 million.


3)      SCDOT is filing a reimbursement with the Federal Highway Administration on September 23 for approximately $65 million.


4)      The agency is expecting $30 million in state motor fuel revenues to be deposited during the first week of October.


5)      SCDOT is preparing to enter a SCEIS “blackout” period from September 26 –September 30. This is a one-time transition period in which the agency’s accounting systems are converted to SCEIS, which is the state business management system.


6)      In addition, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) will begin a two-week shutdown on September 26 that will continue through October 7. FHWA will be closing out its books as the federal fiscal year comes to an end.


7)      SCDOT gave prior notice to all vendors and contractors to allow them to prepare for this down time. 


8)      The agency has made every effort to pay as many outstanding invoices and construction estimates as possible by Friday September 23. SCDOT thanks the Comptroller General’s Office for the continued efforts to make prompt payments to contractors and vendors.


9)      The blackout periods will cause some invoices to go beyond the 30 working day period. Those invoices will be the first paid when the blackout periods end.


10)   SCDOT will accumulate approximately $100 million in revenue from both federal and state sources during the blackout periods. The processing of invoices will begin immediately when the blackout periods end. The oldest invoices will be processed first.


11)   Congress has approved a six-month extension of the federal highway bill that was set to expire on September 30. This extension will permit SCDOT and all state DOTs to continue putting work out for bid. The federal revenue stream will continue at current levels.



·         Highway fatality update: As of August 31, the preliminary death toll on South Carolina’s highways for 2011 stand at 532 with 70 deaths occurring in the month of August.


·         The 2011 total through August reflects 15 more fatalities than the same time period in 2010. However, the fatality rate is nearly 15% below the previous four-year below the previous four-year average.


·         A sharp increase in interstate fatalities has occurred in 2011. The death toll on interstates stands at 77. This represents a 50% increase over 2010. The highest number of fatalities in 2011 have occurred on primary roads where the fatalities stand at 252.

·         Deaths on secondary roads have increased 5% between 2010 and 2011.