May 24
Fiscal Year 2011 Discretionary Grant Announcement

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has announced the Fiscal Year 2011 solicitation for candidate projects for 11 discretionary grant programs.  Listed below are the approximate amounts of funding available nationally (including any carryover funding from previous years) for the 11 programs. The actual amount available for award in each program is subject to reduction pending final calculations of Federal-aid highway program funding distributions.

Delta Region Transportation Development - $10 million
Ferry Boat - $47 million
Highways for LIFE - $20 million
Innovative Bridge Research and Deployment - $4.5 million
Interstate Maintenance - $100 million
National Historic Covered Bridge Preservation - $9 million
National Scenic Byways Program - $43.5 million
Public Lands Highways - $98.5 million
Rail Highway Crossing Elimination in High Speed Rail Corridors - $21 million
Transportation, Community and System Preservation - $61 million
Truck Parking Facilities - $7.5 million

By this notice, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is soliciting applications for these 11 programs for FY 2011. Each program has its own eligibility requirements. A Web page with links to information about each program is available at

Eligible applicants will have until Friday, June 3, 2011, to submit applications for the appropriate program(s), to their local FHWA Division Office.

Any Metropolitan Planning Organization or Local Government submitting an application is asked to provide a copy along with supporting documentation to the South Carolina Department of Transportation Office of Planning, P.O. Box 191, Columbia SC, 29202 by June 3, 2011.