March 14
SCDOT Commission Meeting March 17

South Carolina Department of Transportation

SCDOT Commission Meeting

SCDOT Commission Room 306

955 Park Street

Columbia, South Carolina

March 17, 2011

11:00 a.m.



                I. Call to Order Chairman Danny Isaac

                II. Approval of Agenda Chairman Danny Isaac

                III. Prayer Commissioner Eddie Adams

                IV. Pledge of Allegiance Commissioner Johnny Edwards

                V. Approval of Minutes – February 17, 2011 Chairman Danny Isaac

                VI. Committee Reports

                    Audit Commissioner Eddie Adams

                    Enhancements Commissioner Craig Forrest

                    Finance Commissioner Johnny Edwards

                    Intermodal & Freight Commissioner Sarah Nuckles

                    Invitations & Resolutions Commissioner Harrison Rearden

                    Legislative Commissioner Ken Willingham

                VII. Report of Engineering Workshop Chairman Danny Isaac

                VIII. Report of Commission Workshop Chairman Danny Isaac

                IX. Recommendations Mr. John Walsh

                X. Statewide Transportation Improvement Program Mr. Ron Patton

                XI. Comments Commissioners Secretary Robert St. Onge

                XII. Adjourn