November 30
SCDOT Commission Meeting Dec. 2

SCDOT Commission Meeting

Aiken City Council Chambers

214 Park Avenue S. W.

Aiken, SC

December 2, 2010

10:00 a.m.


                        I. Call to Order Chairman Danny Isaac


                        II. Prayer Commissioner Sarah Nuckles


                        III. Pledge of Allegiance Commissioner Harrison Rearden

                        IV. Welcome and Introduction of Local Officials Vice Chairman Eddie Adams

                        V. Approval of Minutes – October 22, 2010 Chairman Danny Isaac

                        VI. Recommendations Mr. John Walsh

                        VII. Statewide Transportation Improvement Program Mr. John Walsh

                        VIII. Approval of the Statewide Management Plan Mr. Hart Baker

                        IX. Location of Message Sign on Highway 25 Commissioner Johnny Edwards

                        X. Comments Commissioners/Secretary

                        XI. Adjourn