July 10
SCDOT Commission Approves Funding for Highway Project in Georgetown

Project goal is to alleviate flooding in the Highmarket District

               The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) Commission has approved a project for a section of US 17 and US 521 in an area of the city of Georgetown that has been plagued for many years with flooding. 

               The affected area covers approximately 182 acres in the center of the city known as the Highmarket District. Georgetown’s city hall, central fire station and a number of businesses and residences are located in this area. Also located in this district are US Highways 17 and 521, both of which are key hurricane evacuation routes in addition to serving as major transportation arteries.

               Funding to assist the project that would alleviate the flooding was recommended by SCDOT Commissioner Danny Isaac who represents that 1st Congressional District, and Commissioner Marvin Stevenson who represents the 6th Congressional District. Georgetown County is represented by both Districts.

               Transportation Secretary H.B. Limehouse Jr. said the funds would come from the federal stimulus money allotted to South Carolina. “The stimulus funds we’ve received are working in concert with our policy of “Fix it First.” Not only can we accelerate the work to maintain our existing highway system, we’re able to start clearing a backlog of projects that have been needed for years such as this drainage basin for Georgetown,” said Limehouse.

               Commissioner Isaac committed $1.363 million in federal stimulus funds available to the 1st Congressional District, and Commissioner Stevenson committed $521,133 from the 6th District. Both funding commitments were unanimously approved by the SCDOT Commission at its monthly meeting on June 18, 2009 in Columbia.

               Commissioner Isaac said funding this project is money well-spent. “The people who live and work in the Highmarket District, including the public servants in city hall and the fire department have been hampered long enough by the frequent flooding that occurs. I thank Commissioner Stevenson for working with me to provide these funds,” said Isaac.

               “This action is an example of how a little cooperation can move important projects forward,” said Stevenson. “I’m proud to work with Commissioner Isaac to help the people of Georgetown in a county that is represented by both of our Congressional Districts,” he added.

               The City of Georgetown and SCDOT will work together to move this project to construction. The $18 million project has already received funding from the City of Georgetown, the Georgetown County Transportation Committee and other SCDOT funding sources.