June 15
Public Meeting Thursday, June 25, in Clemson Concerning SC Route 133/US Route 123 Intersection Improvement and Bridge Replacement

The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) has scheduled a public information meeting in Clemson on Thursday, June 25, concerning the Proposed SC 133 College Avenue Project Intersection Improvement and Railroad Bridge Replacement.


The meeting will be from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the community meeting room in the Clemson Depot at Calhoun Memorial Highway and College Avenue.  The meeting will have a formal presentation for the first thirty minutes and will be followed by a ninety minute drop-in format, with displays for viewing.


The meeting is intended to provide an opportunity to review and discuss individually, with representatives from the SCDOT, the City of Clemson, and Wilbur Smith Associates, the proposed intersection improvement at the intersection of SC Route 133 and US Route 123 in Clemson.  The intersection improvement will provide double left turn lanes and include replacing the existing Norfolk Southern Railroad bridge that crosses SC Route 133.  Another purpose of the meeting will be to gather information from the public or any interested organization, on historic or cultural resources in the area. 


For more information, the public may contact Rob Perry, SCDOT Program Manager, at 803-737-1440 in Columbia.  Persons with disabilities who may require special accommodations should contact Karen Davis at 803-737-1549.