February 21
SCDOT Provides Stimulus Information Online

Latest Information Available at


Following the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) Commission’s action this week, SCDOT has created a web page to provide the latest information on projects that are part of the federal stimulus package.


The information is available at the SCDOT home page,, by clicking on “Economic Stimulus Plan,” or by visiting the page directly at\


The SCDOT Commission approved the use of up to $200 million in federal stimulus funds for projects that fall into these four categories:


Highway Resurfacing & Rehabilitation  -  $100 million

Interstate Highway Maintenance  -  $50 million

Bridge Replacements  -  $37.5 million

Safety Improvements  -  $12.5 million


               The Commission took these and other actions at its monthly meeting on February 19, 2009, and only three days after President Obama signed the Economic Recovery Act into law. The projects in these categories have been qualified as “shovel-ready” within 120 days by SCDOT engineers. This means that the preliminary engineering work, required permits, etc. have been or will be completed within 120 days, and that project contracts can be awarded. SCDOT engineers are working on final project lists for these categories. The final lists will include projects in every county in the state.