September 17
SCDOT Commission Meeting Agenda for Sept. 18, 2008


SCDOT Commission Meeting

SCDOT Commission Room 306

955 Park Street

Columbia, South Carolina

September 18, 2008

1:30 p.m.

I. Call to Order Vice Chairman Henry Taylor

II. Prayer Mr. Michael Covington

III. Pledge of Allegiance Ms. Debra Rountree

IV. Approval of Minutes – August 21, 2008 Vice Chairman Henry Taylor

V. Recommendations Secretary Buck Limehouse

VI. State Program Amendment Mr. Tony Chapman

VII. Engineering District Review Mr. Tony Chapman

VIII. SCDOT Committee Reports

       Audits Commissioner Sarah Nuckles

       Finance Commissioner Henry Taylor

       Mass Transit Commissioner Tee Hooper

IX. Comments Commissioners Secretary Buck Limehouse

X. Executive Session Vice Chairman Henry Taylor

XI. Adjourn