June 26
Hundreds of SCDOT Employees Have Enrolled in the Four-Day Work Week Summer Program

The first enrollment figures from the South Carolina Department of Transportation’s (SCDOT) pilot summer program show that 575 employees have chosen to work extended hours on a four-day work week schedule.

Here is the breakdown from the first complete week (June 16 – June 20):
• Total of employees enrolled in the four-day week – 575
• 575 represents 11% of all SCDOT employees statewide (5,063 filled positions)
• 22% of all Headquarters employees are participating in the pilot program
• 8% of all employees in the seven Districts are participating in the pilot program

Transportation Secretary H.B. Limehouse Jr. is encouraged by the initial enrollment. “I’m pleased that so many SCDOT employees have already chosen to work the extended hours to help them save gas and spend more time with their families. One employee has said this four-day schedule will save him one full tank of gas per month. Those are the kinds of results we were hoping to achieve,” said Limehouse.

The Human Resources staff at SCDOT reports that employees are continuing to enroll in the program. Some workers needed more time to arrange their schedules to accommodate the four-day work week. Other employees have said that they have seen the benefits and savings that their co-workers have experienced after only one week in the program. Enrollment in the pilot program will continue. Schedules of employees are staggered so that the agency can continue to operate as usual on a Monday through Friday schedule.