July 16
South Carolina’s Highways Ranked Number Two in the Nation

The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) has been rated as having the second best overall state highway system in the country, according to a report recently released by the Reason Foundation, a Libertarian policy institute based in Los Angeles.

          The rankings and measures of cost-effectiveness are based on the performance in 12 categories, including traffic fatalities, congestion, pavement condition, bridge condition, highway maintenance & administrative costs. SCDOT ranked number one in five of the 12 categories. Those number one rankings were achieved in the areas of:


           Receipts per mile of responsibility

           Capital/bridge disbursements per mile of responsibility

           Total disbursements per mile of responsibility.

           Rural Interstate condition.

           Rural Interstate pavement condition.


          The Reason Foundation’s report summarized SCDOT’s performance in this manner: “South Carolina has a consistently solid performance with a relatively thin budget.” (Page 44). 

          SCDOT’s Chief Administrative Officer H.B. “Buck” Limehouse said SCDOT’s performance ranking is a reflection of the agency’s efforts to put as much of its revenues as possible out on the roads and bridges. “There is no doubt that SCDOT operates on a painfully lean budget compared to the state’s needs,” said Limehouse. “But the Reason Foundation’s report clearly demonstrates that SCDOT is spending what it has on concrete and asphalt, while reducing administrative costs to a minimum,” he added. Limehouse said, “We owe the people of South Carolina the safest and most efficient highway system possible, and we need to see that their tax dollars are spent as efficiently as possible.”

          SCDOT has ranked second in the Reason Foundation’s report for two consecutive years. Only the state of North Dakota fared better on the latest report based on 2005 statistics.


NOTE: The entire report can be found on the Reason Foundation website: