November 16
Detours for Bridge Girder Erection

Drivers should expect detours along I-85 NB and SB, to include the collector/distributor lanes, starting Thursday night (11/16) through Saturday night (11/18).  Detours are needed to continue the construction of the new I-385 over I-85 bridge associated with the I-85/385 Gateway Project.

The first detour will take traffic off I-85 NB at Exit 51.  From there, traffic will be sent along the collector/distributor lanes to continue onto I-85 NB.

Along I-85 SB at Exit 51A—C, traffic will be directed to I-385 NB, then to the Roper Mountain Road exit, then back onto I-385 SB to follow the signs to I-85 SB.

Lane closures, along with a pacing operation, will be utilized on I-85 SB to assist with Thursday night’s girder erection.  All pacing operations will be accomplished with the assistance of SCHP.

On Friday night, the detour will take traffic off I-85 NB at Exit 51 B, sending drivers to I-385 SB.  Drivers will exit at Woodruff Road, cross the Woodruff Bridge and get back on I-385 NB.  From there, traffic will be able to take Exit 36A to I-85 NB.

There will also be a detour for traffic on I-385 SB trying to go to I-85 NB.  Drivers will follow signage to Woodruff Road where they will take the ramp to the I-85 NB collector/distributor lanes.  Once there, they will follow the detour above.

For Saturday night, I-85 NB traffic, along with any traffic on the I-85 NB collector/distributor lanes, will follow the signs to I-385 SB, exit at Woodruff Road, then go left across the bridge to get back onto I-385 NB, which will allow them to continue on I-85 NB.

Motorists are asked to travel with care through the interchange during these times.  Please observe all signage and devices.​