February 14
Commission Meeting Thursday, Feb. 16

Commission Meeting

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Upon Adjournment of the Legislative Committee

SCDOT 5th Floor Auditorium


I. Call to Order Chairman Woody Willard

II. Roll Call Chairman Woody Willard

III. Approval of Agenda (Action Required) Chairman Woody Willard

IV. Prayer Commissioner Ben Davis

V. Pledge of Allegiance Commissioner Gene Branham

VI. Approval of January 19, 2017 Minutes (Action Required) Chairman Woody Willard

VII. Public Comment Chairman Woody Willard

VIII. Commission Resolution(s) (Action Required) Chairman Woody Willard

IX. Presentation of Award Chairman Woody Willard

X. Report of the Legislative Committee Vice-Chairman John Hardee

XI. Recommendations Review Mr. Mark Pleasant and Deputy Secretary Brian Keys

A. For Approval (Action Required)

B. For Ratification (Action Required)

C. Finding (Action Required)

D. Cuff Item (Action May Be Required)

XII. Financial Update Chief Financial Officer Kace Smith

XIII. Transit Funding (Action Required) Mr. Doug Frate

XIV. The State of Our Infrastructure Secretary Christy Hall

XV. Old Business Chairman Woody Willard

XVI. Secretary of Transportation Comments Secretary Christy Hall

XVII. Comments Commissioners

XVIII. Adjourn Chairman Woody Willard