November 24
SCDOT Exceeds Original Targets for Roads  Scheduled to Reopen by Thanksgiving

The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) faced an unprecedented challenge in early October when the state was struck by the 1,000 year rainfall that caused widespread flooding in the coastal and central regions of South Carolina. October 5, 2015 was the peak day for damage to the highway system, as 541 roads and bridges were damaged enough to require closures on that day.

SCDOT’ Maintenance forces and contractors immediately went to work around the clock, seven days per week for much of October  to reopen as many highway facilities as possible, as quickly as possible.

Goals were set to reduce the number of closures. SCDOT has exceeded its own expectations. On October 17, 2015, SCDOT’s Closure Report listed 206 closures with 82 listed as “after November 26” for completion. Here is the current list of closures as of November 24


  • Total closures – 70
  • Road closings – 44
  • Bridge closings –26

These figures represent an 87% decrease in the numbers of roads and bridges that wereclosed just eight weeks ago. On October 17, SCDOT projected reopening 124 facilities by November 26.  The actual reopening of 136 closures represents a 10% increase above SCDOT projections.

Secretary of Transportation Christy A. Hall said teamwork was the key to the repair of the state highway system. “I want to congratulate the SCDOT Team for its hard work and dedication. The entire SCDOT staff worked as one team to accomplish more than was expected during the past 45 days in the recovery process. The job is not yet done, but we’re getting close to the finish line. I’d like to thank the public for the patience demonstrated during this disaster as we work to make the damaged roads and bridges safe once again,” said Hall.

An update on the remaining bridges and roads scheduled for reopening by Thanksgiving is in the attached link. A few of these roads have been delayed by the recent wet weather. New completion dates have been assigned.