September 24
SCTIB Board Meeting

​SCTIB Board Meeting

955 Park Street Columbia,

South Carolina September 25, 2014

 1:30 p.m.



I. Call to Order                                             Chairman Don Leonard
II. Consideration of Minutes of November 12, 2013 Meeting
III. Project Status Update                              Project Managers
IV. Dorchester County Request            Representative Jenny Horne
V. City of Aiken Request                      Mayor Fred Cavanaugh
VI. City of Charleston Request
VII. Discussion on Draft Operating Guidelines  Jim Holly
VIII. United Midlands Multimodal Corridor Improvement Project Joe
  Mergo, Lexington County Teresa Wilson, City of Columbia Tony
   McDonald, Richland County
IX. Financial Plan Update                             David Miller
X. Bond Resolution                                      Bill Youngblood
XI. Fiscal Sufficiency Resolution                   Debra Rountree
XII. Debt Service Budget Resolution            Debra Rountree
XIII. FY2015-16 Budget                             Debra Rountree
XIV. Other Business                                    Chairman Don