July 31
New Flashing Yellow Arrow Signal Heads to be Installed on Furman L. Fendley Hwy. (US 176) at the Intersection of Forest Street (S-44-12) in Union County near Jonesville

As part of a safety improvement project for the Furman L. Fendley Highway/Forest Street intersection, improvements to the traffic signals will change the left turn arrow operation for both directions of Furman L. Fendley Highway in Union County near Jonesville.

Plans have been approved to use the new style left-turn traffic signal head, commonly called the “Flashing Yellow Arrow” (FYA).
The FYA left turn traffic signal head is designed to make it easier for drivers to identify when a left turn maneuver is allowable. The new signal design will allow motorists on Furman L. Fendley Hwy. to turn left under the “protected” green arrow as well as turn left during the “permitted” flashing yellow arrow after first yielding to oncoming traffic and pedestrians. The below illustration provides an explanation for the different left turn signals. It is also available at:
The FYA left turn signal heads are designed to improve driver understanding of left-turn traffic signal displays. The goal is to improve efficiency and reduce crashes at signalized intersections.
The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) is planning to carry out these signal changes during the week of August 4, weather permitting.
For more information, the public may contact the SCDOT District 4 Traffic Engineering Office at (803) 377-4155.