March 19
SCDOT Commission Workshop  March 20

Commission Workshop

Thursday, March 20, 2014

10:00 a.m.

SCDOT 5th Floor Auditorium

955 Park Street

Columbia, South Carolina




  1. Call to Order    Chairman W.B. Cook
  2. Approval of Agenda    Chairman W.B. Cook
  3. Recommendations Review    Mr. Leland Colvin
  4. Project Development Process    Mr. Mark Lester and

    Mr. Ron Patton

  1. Legislative Report    Mr. Allen Hutto
  2. Act 98 Update    Mr. Ron Patton
  3. Federal Program Update    Mr. Jim Warren
  4. Debris Removal Update    Mr. David Cook
  5. Financial Update    Mr. Jim Warren
  6. I-73 Update    Commissioner Mike Wooten
  7. Old Business    Chairman W.B. Cook
  8. Discussion of Full Commission Meeting Agenda Items    Chairman W.B. Cook and


  1. Closing Remarks/Adjourn    Chairman W.B. Cook