April 16
SCDOT Commission Workshop April 18
SCDOT Commission Workshop 
SCDOT 5th Floor Auditorium
955 Park Street
Columbia, South Carolina
April 18, 2013
Upon Adjournment of the Audit Committee Meeting
       I.            Call to Order                                                                                            Chairman Edwards
    II.            Approval of Agenda                                                                                Chairman Edwards
 III.            Recommendations Review                                                                         Mr. Clem Watson
 IV.            Richland County Penny Sales Tax                                                                Mr. Ron Patton
    V.            Statewide Multi Modal Plan                                                                        Mr. Mark Lester
 VI.            Significant Project Updates:                                                                     Mr. Mitchell Metts
·         SC 174 Bridges on Edisto Island Update
·         John Hardee Expressway Update
·         I-73 Update
·         SC 41 Bridge over Wando River Update
·         I-526 Mark Clark Update
VII.            Manpower Review Update                                     Mr. Rob Manning and Mr. David Cook
VIII.            Safety Improvement Team Report                                                          Mr. Tony Sheppard
 IX.            Old Business                                                                                            Chairman Edwards
A.    Governor’s Executive Order Update                                                        Mr. Pete Poore
    X.            Discussion of Full Commission Meeting Agenda Items                         Chairman Edwards
                 and Commissioners  
XI.            Closing Remarks/Adjourn                                                                       Chairman Edwards