August 24
SCDOT Financial Report #52

          This release marks one year since the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) began weekly reports on the agency’s current fiscal status.   Since SCDOT’s financial status remains stable with a continued positive outlook, SCDOT will discontinue the Financial Reports on a weekly schedule. 
          The agency will continue to make reports through press releases on a periodic basis, including releases following the SCDOT Commission meetings where financial updates are presented. However, any member of the media or public can request SCDOT financial information at any time by contacting the SCDOT Office of Communications at: 803-737-1270.  Vendors with questions may also contact the Accounts Payable Research Team via the Accounting Helpline at 803-737-1227.
          The Comptroller General’s office has processed approximately $19 million in payments to SCDOT vendors, contractors and others so far in the month of August.  All debt service and South Carolina Transportation Infrastructure Bank payments are current.  As part of the state fiscal year-end close out process, SCDOT accelerated the receipt and processing for payment invoices during July for items received during state fiscal year 2011-12.  
          This accelerated process was utilized in order to ensure that the items are accounted for in the proper state fiscal year.  Following the close of the state fiscal year, SCDOT’s incoming invoice activity is now returning to typical levels.
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