June 29
SCDOT Financial Report #44

This update is released by the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) each week to report the agency’s current fiscal status and to highlight recent accomplishments of the agency.  
SCDOT’s current financial status remains stable with a continued positive outlook.  Accordingly, SCDOT continues to process validated invoices in a timely manner.  The Comptroller General’s office has processed approximately $55 million in payments to SCDOT vendors, contractors and others so far in the month of June.  All debt service and South Carolina Transportation Infrastructure Bank payments are current.
It appears that the House of Representatives and Senate conferees have reached an agreement on a two-year federal Transportation Bill called Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21).  SCDOT is currently analyzing the conference report in order to assess the proposed program and its effect on South Carolina’s transportation and transit programs.  The Federal Highway Administration is currently operating under a continuing resolution that expires June 30th. However, it is anticipated that the new bill will be approved and signed so as to avoid any interruption in federal reimbursements.
In similar news at the state level, the South Carolina House of Representatives and Senate have both adopted the state appropriations bill conferee report and submitted it to Governor Haley for her consideration. Additionally, Governor Haley signed into law a Continuing Resolution on Thursday that will enable SCDOT to continue to meet its financial obligations into the new state fiscal year until a permanent 2012-2013 budget is fully approved.   
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