August 26
SCDOT Making Low-Cost Intersection Safety Improvements

2200 Intersections with high crash rates have been targeted


           The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) began an Intersection Safety Improvement initiative in 2008 aimed at the 2200 intersections in the state highway system that have experienced a high frequency of crashes across the state.


          One of the more noticeable improvements being used is the high-visibility signs that indicate the approach of an intersection, the name of the intersecting street or road and the presence of a traffic signal or stop sign. Even the posts used to erect these signs are coated with high-visibility and more reflective material.


          Extensive research conducted nationally has proven that low-cost safety improvements such as the deployment of these high-visibility signs can substantially reduce the crash potential of an intersection. This project is being funded through SCDOT’s Highway Safety Improvement Program which receives federal funds to improve highway safety through engineering-related techniques.


           Transportation Secretary H.B. Limehouse Jr. said the improved signs can save lives. “Our goal for these signs is to get the attention of drivers and make them aware of on-coming intersections. We hope these low-cost measures will prevent crashes, injuries and deaths caused by running through red lights and stop signs.”



          Limehouse added that in addition to the high-visibility signs, other safety measures are in included in the project such as new pavement markings and traffic signal enhancements. Pedestrian crossing signals and wheelchair curb ramps are also being considered.



Photos of High-Visibility signs are available on this link: