July 19
SCDOT Manufactured Only 14 Highway Stimulus Funding Project Signs

Recent national media reports have shown that some states have manufactured hundreds of highway signs designating projects that have been funded by the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) at a cost ranging in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.


               South Carolina Transportation Secretary H.B. Limehouse Jr. announced that the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) manufactured only a total of 14 signs at a total cost of $3700.


               Two signs bearing the official ARRA logo were produced for use in official openings of ARRA-funded projects. These signs are used for photo opportunities and then are removed for use at other locations. The cost of each sign, which includes sign posts and labor and equipment for installation is $500.


               SCDOT also produced 12 signs that are smaller in design with lettering only. Six pairs of the smaller signs have been installed on one project in each of the six congressional districts. The total cost per sign is $225 which includes sign posts, labor and equipment for installation.


               Secretary Limehouse said he decided that SCDOT would spend only a minimal amount of money on ARRA-funding signs. “I made the decision early in the process in the spring of 2009 that we would not spend money for signs on each ARRA project. Our policy has been to put as much funding into the maintenance of our highway system as possible,” said Limehouse.