April 21
Transportation Secretary Releases “State of SCDOT 2010”

Report to the General Assembly details revenue picture, highway & mass transit issues       


               Transportation Secretary H.B. Limehouse Jr. has sent his 2010 annual “State of SCDOT Report” to the members of the General Assembly in which he provides an accounting of the agency’s progress over the last year, and an in-depth look at where SCDOT is and where it’s heading.

                The 19-page report provides information concerning the size of the state’s transportation infrastructure system, which is the 4th largest state-maintained system in the country. Comparisons are made to other state highways systems and the most-traveled roadways in the state are highlighted.

               One entire section of the report is devoted to SCDOT’s revenue situation, with a breakdown of each revenue source and how each has fared both over the decades and in the current economic downturn. One section (page 10) provides a translation of how revenue dollars are spent on the highways in terms of the average cost of widening a highway per lane mile, resurfacing a highway per lane and other examples. This section also provides a breakdown as to how other states fund their highway systems.

                The Transit section outlines the funding programs for mass transit, future financial needs for mass transit and the status of high speed rail in South Carolina.

                The final section deals with SCDOT’s accountability and transparency. This section reports how SCDOT has complied with the reporting and auditing of the agency as required by Act 114 (SCDOT Reform Act) signed into law in 2007. Details are also provided as to how the agency has fully implemented the majority of recommendations put forth in the 2006 audit conducted by the Legislative Audit Council

(LAC), and how SCDOT has responded and complied with a 2009 Performance Audit by MGT of America.



The State of SCDOT 2010 report is available on the SCDOT web site: under “Quick Links” at the bottom of the list: Or it can be found under “Publications.”