November 29
Compromise Plan Reached for Windmill Harbor Entrance on US 278 Hilton Head

Intersection can be improved without traffic signals 


         Commissioner J. Craig Forrest, who represents the 2nd Congressional District on the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) Commission, has announced that a compromise plan to improve the intersection of US 278 and the entrance to the Windmill Harbor subdivision and its approaches has been agreed to by SCDOT, the Town of Hilton Head and the residents of Windmill Harbor.


          Residents of the Windmill Harbor community had been seeking the installation of traffic signals at the entrance on US 278 which is intersected by Harbor Passage Drive and Gateway Drive. The result of a traffic study at that location indicated that warrants for a traffic signal at that location had not been met. However, Commissioner Forrest and officials from the Town of Hilton Head worked together to forge a plan for improving the intersection without signals.


          Commissioner Forrest said SCDOT traffic engineers worked with Town officials on an improvement plan. "We knew that our staff and the Town's staff could improvise a better solution without signals if we just worked together, and now the residents of Windmill Harbor will have a better and safer entrance to their community," said Forrest.


          The highlight of the plan calls for the installation of intersection warning signs mounted with flashing beacons located on US 278 on both approaches to Windmill Harbor.  SCDOT and Hilton Head staff will coordinate the placement, design and housing color of the beacon. In addition, the existing left turn lanes at that location will be improved with additional signs and markings to better channel traffic going in and out of the subdivision. Further, signage on the Wilton Graves Bridge on US 278 approaching Windmill Harbor which is near the eastern foot of the bridge will be improved to better inform drivers of the intersection.


A high-resolution photograph of Commissioner Forrest is available at: