April 27
SCDOT Financial Report - 35

This update is released by the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) each week to report the agency’s current fiscal status and to highlight recent accomplishments of the agency.  




SCDOT’s current financial status remains stable with a continued positive outlook.  Accordingly, SCDOT continues to process validated invoices in a timely manner.  The Comptroller General’s office processed approximately $40 million in payments to SCDOT vendors, contractors and others thus far during the month of April.  All debt service and South Carolina Transportation Infrastructure Bank payments are current.  



North Carolina DOT hosted a Finance Meeting with SCDOT finance and engineering team members regarding cash flow modeling and SAP utilization.  NCDOT has faced and conquered many of the same challenges that SCDOT has encountered in the last twelve months.  The willingness of NCDOT staff to share information and insights into the initiatives and actions they have taken will be a valuable tool as SCDOT works to improve its Financial Systems and Controls.