February 29
SCDOT Weekly Update 26

This update is released by the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) each week to report the agency’s current financial picture and changes within the agency that are evolving during the reorganization underway to improve the processes and efficiency of the agency. 



1)      The Comptroller General’s office processed approximately $10 million in payments for SCDOT vendors, contractors and others between February 16 and February 22, 2012. 


2)      All debt service and South Carolina Transportation Infrastructure Bank (SCTIB) Board payments are current.


3)      As reported last week, SCDOT has established a goal and has been able to make significant progress in moving towards a 30 calendar day payment processing timeframe with our commercial partners.   Today, SCDOT has no construction contractor pay estimates greater than 30 calendar days old loaded into SCEIS that are awaiting payment processing.


4)      The Vendor/Contractor Information section on the web page has been updated to reflect the construction file and estimate numbers that have been selected for payment and the payment process has been initiated. 


5)      Vendors and contractors are encouraged to utilize the SCDOT Accounting Hotline at 803-737-1227 for information regarding payment status.